Drop your phone in SNOW ICE or WATER?

When iPhone DISASTERS strike: Don't say "Goodbye!" to your contacts, irreplaceable photos, & valuable documents

Say "Hello!" again with Save-A-Cell!

The Biggest Secret Phone Companies Do Not Want YOU To Know!

*As FEATURED in Magazine

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Rescue Wet Electronics

Save-A-Cell is like carrying jumper cables in your car; every iPhone or smartphone consumer needs to have one before it is necessary!"

Save-A-Cell dries wet electronics quickly using atomic adhesion technology, which gets your electronics 700 percent drier than usual household remedies, saving you time and money in replacing these expensive products.

Easy to Use!

Just follow Save-A-Cell's 3 simple step solutions! With our moisture indicators, you’ll be able to see your phone dry out. In just 48 hours, you will hold your 100% dried out phone in your hands again! Ninety-two percent of users following Save-A-Cell's instructions saved their phone.

Not Just for Cell Phones

Save-A-Cell's atomic adhesion technology dehumidifies MP3 players, iPods, key fobs, cameras, watches and any other electronic device that fits in the bag.

Electronics + Water = DISASTER

Your Solution: Save-A-Cell Wet Phone Rescue Kit

* A patron accidentally drops her iPhone into the toilet and risks losing hundreds of contacts

* Someone pushes a guest into the pool and he is frantic he has lost his first born's photos forever

* An attendee spills his drink on his iPod and finds the document he worked on for hours to be gone

* A boater drops her phone into the lake losing all her favorite downloads

* Fireman rush to save someone in a water rescue emergency and afterwards their fire pager seems sunk

* Walking across the street, a customer's phone falls in a puddle, splashing out all its memory

You never know when a disaster situation will occur in your water park, marina, country club, bar, or nightclub, so don't wait until customer emergencies happen.

Be prepared by having Save-A-Cell in your facility, office, boat, car, or camper!