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Cell Phones now are over $1,000.  Insurance Claims are $150 plus on top of the hassle of replacing them.  Why put yourself through that?  Introducing the revolution of cellphone protection and cellphone necessity.

How Do You Save Your Cell?


The Save-A-Cell Multi Function Retractable Tether


Save-A-Cell is designed to fit most cellphone and mobile devices.  Mobile devices are part of our everyday lives and losing or breaking one can ruin your day and night.  The hassle of replacing a screen or waiting on an replacement mobile device can cost you thousands.  Loss of data and restoring a new cellphone is just a pain and waste of time.  Save-A-Cell protects users against this and so much more.  Multifunctional and preferable, Save-A-Cell is not just a mobile device accessory but a Mobile Device Necessity


Finest Materials & Water Resistant

Cushioned Design & Silicon Grip

Double Lock Hooks for Secure Protection

Rigid Construction & Kevlar Strength

Dual Magnetic Mounting Solution


Compact Design and Light Weight



Mobile Device Retention Mechanism and Method


     Cellphone and mobile devices are constantly in use, often multiple devices are used and carried with an individual at almost all times, while driving, working, hiking, golfing, fishing and generally during all of the user’s activities.  The mobile device is no longer an auxiliary or supplementary device to a user’s work and social lives.  Roughly nine-in-ten Americans own a cellphone and nearly two-thirds own a smartphone.  Many households are also turning to exclusive use of cellphones, turning away from home and office landlines, such that loss of the mobile device results in the user losing contact with all work and personal contacts.  As mobile devices become more common and essential, users can become forgetful or careless with the mobile devices and mistakenly leave them as they progress through their day, drop and damage the mobile devices during use, or otherwise forget where their mobile devices are located.  In addition, certain mobile devices are relatively valuable, having a high purchase cost and, even with mobile device insurance, can be expensive to replace or difficult to even insure if the user loses or damages multiple devices.  For example, workers who function in an industrial or construction environment may have a higher likelihood of damaging to losing their mobile devices as a result of their work environment.

                It would be desirable to design, construct and deploy a mobile device retention mechanism that addresses the limitations of prior art devices by assisting a user in retaining their mobile devices and limiting the probability of damaging the mobile devices.  The preferred present invention addresses this user need.


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