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About Save-A-Cell

How we started


We stated because loss and broken expensive cellphones have become common.

The idea came to us when a lost cellphone took 4 days to recover and multiple ideas

came by adding additional features that enhanced the usage of the Save-A-Cell.

Idea after idea and our company grow to meet the needs of the modern user of mobile devices.

Why Save-A-Cell?


Save-A-Cell protects you against dropping, breaking, or losing your phone.

Nothing is more frustrating or scary then losing your phone and all the valuable data that is in your phone or mobile device.  That's why Save-A-Cell was designed to keep your phone safe and secure to you always.


Save-A-Cell has seriously prevented my phone from falling so many times. I have a habit of getting out of my car with my phone on my lap, and then helplessly watching my phone plummet towards the ground. I don’t have that worry anymore thanks to this awesome device!!!


Save-A-Cell is a great way to feel secured about not misplacing your phone.


Before Save-A-Cell, I put in insurance claims to replace or repair my cellphone.  Now I'm sure that won't happen again.